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How We Work


Every product is different, every customer has very individual needs. Below, we describe the principles that allow us to satisfy that. Your success is our success. We value the most the spirit of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development: the importance of individuals and interactions, collaborating with you, responding to change and producing working software that has value for your business. Software development process, provided by us with regard to the development of high technologies, is focused on meeting the specific requirements and wishes of the customer, choosing optimal solutions for quality services, as well as minimization of material and time resources required for the project.


Planning includes arrangement of resources according to time and requirement to create theproduct as per the expected release.We performs software development planning, including the following steps:

  1. Determination of the general concept of the project

  2. Determination of the intermediate stages of development

  3. Choosing methodology of application development

  4. Determination of possible risks associated with the software development and ways to minimize them

Modelling and Construction

Modelling includes developing the design or workflows for the product required,it describes all the steps in clear way which has been followed by the developer to genrate a final product. This work as a blueprint for developing a product.
Construction includes the building of the software as per the design and testing it or validating it for a different type of user by our experienced developer.During the discovery workshop we uncover business background, technical requirements, the product's initial scope, and plan out the first product increment.Product developement happens when we start working on your ideas. We repeat it over and over until your product is finished.

Team Extension

Apart from developing products entirely within the 10Clouds team, we can also join your own team and support it with an appropriate skillset you’re in demand of. We’re ready to help with web and mobile development as well as product design, project management, and quality assurance. We follow some key points, they are following:

  1. The quality of code is priority to us.

  2. Every project needs to have a trusted toolset.

  3. Our Prerogative is to create products.


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