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Ruby On Rails

We've found that Ruby gives us the best combination of tools, enhanced code libraries and a more pragmatic approach to software development. Ruby Gems libraries are powerful and set the speed to a development process.The language was developed with the main focus on programmer’s work - it must be fun and clear. Ruby lets developers focus on main programs and make fewer errors.We choose Rails because it’s not only mainstream and cool but incredibly powerful to deliver robust solutions with shorter time to market and increased scalability.There are Ruby On Rails offers many advantages that enable developers to develop easy-to-maintain, reduced time and at reduced cost.

DAB INVENTIVE’s dedicated RoR Team is best-suited for mid- to long-term engagements requiring rich Ruby on Rails development expertise. Our dedicated team services enable fast deployment of complex projects and provision of ongoing maintenance and support. We have a large pool of engineers to quickly set up a custom dedicated team to either act as an extension to your business or be integrated with your in-house team.